It has been some time since I have written and posted a blog. It has not been for a lack of inspiration, but rather a lack of time to collect my thoughts so I could put something together that made sense. The best way to describe my life the last two months is that it has been shaken, not stirred.  Shaken in a not so gentle way that has often left me breathless…

Yet, I have much hope for the future and I believe that greater things are around the corner if I am patient enough to discover what awaits.   But waiting has never been my strong suit. Patient I am… But never one to wait for life to happen. I believe life is too short not to grab it by the horns and direct it toward a goal or direction.

Things to look forward to in my next few blog posts: growing frustrations with the “systems” in my school district, an amazing professional development journey, and a glimpse of the  Grammys of Education!  Despite the chaos and all that has happened the last two months of my life, I couldn’t feel more blessed and excited for the next phase of my life.  Stay tuned…


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