In the winter of 2014, I applied, after much encouragement from a friend,for the VEA Award for Teaching Excellence. I was so overwhelmed with joy as my friends and colleagues rallied around me to complete the application.   No matter the outcome- I felt that I was already a winner and felt blessed for the opportunity to reflect on my practice and also see myself through my peers eyes.

When I received the letter in the mail that I had been chosen,  my eyes filled with tears.  I couldn’t believe that a small town girl from WV would be honored and recognized by her peers across the state.  Growing up in poverty,  education was my way out of WV and the only way I would break the poverty cycle plaguing my family.  This honor meant so much to me then and will always be a reminder that hard work, dedication, and passion does pay off!  

Fast forward a little over a year, and much had changed!   As a finalist for the NEA award for Teaching Excellence… I was offered the opportunity to serve as a NEA Foundation Global Learning Fellow.  It has been a year of learning, challenges, and excitement… But it seemed surreal- I mean how is it possible that someone who started out with so little in life, is representing their state and VEA as a global learning fellow in Peru?

As I sit at the airport waiting to board my plane for my field placement in Peru,  I am filled with joy and wonderment!  I am truly blessed and so grateful for this opportunity!  I hope you will join me on this educational and personal journey…  I hope you won’t mind grammar or spelling errors as I write on the go… But will connect with my story and share  in the excitement!  Here we go…



2 thoughts on “Worth the wait…

  1. What a wonderful opportunity for you, and for your followers. ou are a talented writer, and those of us who do follow will be anxious to follow your adventures with you through your postings. Do great things and greatness will follow.

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