Yesterday began with a two hour meeting at the General Motors Headquarters. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect but it was suprisingly informative and got us thinking about the impact education has on businesses and the economic development of the country.  We discussed the skills that students/ potential employees would need to have to be successful.   I found it fascinating that the important skills discussed were not how many facts an employee can remember, but rather they focused on the soft skills one possesses and utilizes in the workforce.

By emphasizing soft skills such as perserverance, creativity, and collaboration, we are preparing students to thrive in their community, on the  job, as well as around the world. Global learners must understand the world we live in through exploration and opportunities to understand their own cultural biases, personal culture, and celebrate commonalities and differences.

During  my journey this week, I have been wondering about the definition of a global learner and how do we create global learners/ citizens?  How can we create a culture within our classroom that educates students’ preconceived notions?  As I travel through Peru, I see a dynamic community, rich with traditions….  I wonder what they think of Americans…would we be as welcoming to Peruvians as the have been to us?  As Americans do we only make assumptions based on the news or tv?  I think many people do and it is unfortunate.  

Our NEA Foundation leaders challenged us to consider explore, observe, and talk with the Peruvians to find answers to a question we may have about the culture, tradition, and education.  So I have figured out that I want to ask the people in the community, what does it mean to be a citizen in Peru? What traits or qualities do they have or value? Do they see themselves as global learners?  Through my training and immersion into the country I feel that global learning is a big part of who I am  now.  I have learned so much in 2 days and I look forward to the many adventures that are a ahead.  I hope I will have other opportunities to see other parts of the world because I have been changed by this country. I threw out my biases when I arrived-  Ready to learn!  


One thought on “What does it mean to be a global learner? 

  1. Well done, world traveler. Events in recent weeks have not shown the best of USA. Sensational news trumps the smaller stories of community action and the real heart of America. I hope the people of Peru will be more informed and empathic about the US as a result of your mission.


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